How to train for Everest base camp trek?

Each year countless adventurous people made goal to Everest Base Camp. I believed so many people from around the world, keep Everest Base Camp trek in next bucket list.  I, m sure must of you asking yourself do I able to complete epic journey Everest base camp.
Off-course will make it but should have done certain training before board on the trip. Mount Everest lies in Trans Himalayan-range and base camp is set on along with Khumbu glacier blue Khumbu ice fall. As you’re physically attached at lower altitude than 5000 m mountain definitely feel strange and hard at high altitude. To fight against the cold altitude and less percentage oxygen should do some training for Everest base camp trek at back home.
The young and old fit trekker’s had climbed 5000 m.
Few years back, I have brought 8 years girl to Gokyo Ri without any altitude issue. Even I have taken 63 years old man to Everest base camp without any physical and altitude issues. They got achievement because of positive attitude, ambitious, passionate and trained at back home.
So you do not need to be athletes to do EBC trek, simple living and lifestyle people can complete Everest base camp trek and climb Kalapatthar with awesome enjoyable hiking in high altitude.
Basic trekking duration will be 4-8 hrs a day with covering 9-20 km distance, the crumbling trail often lead up and down in dry wind and crossing over high saggy suspension bridge. There will be enough break along the trek including tea break, lunch break, toilet break, snack break etc.

The trek preparation back home
At least a month before you get onto the adventure board, manage your valuable time and do some preparation for trek which will be lot useful along the trek.
Running and Jogging are the most important part in your training, it help you support muscles, cardiovascular fitness, burn plenty of kilojoules and help to maintain your weight.
Swim and cycle
swimming and cycle is another option do pre-training for your trek. You will easily burn calories, flatten obese and your legs, ankles, knees will be comfort for hiking.
Skip Elevator
Probably Elevator face most places in your home town, instead of taking elevator use stair to go tall building and from train or bus station. Walking up and down on the stair make your stamina well.
So start your trek training from today!! Mount Everest is waiting for you!!!


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